GlamGlow Youthmud and Supermud

Hello friends! Have you heard of GlamGlow yet?? If not, now you have. GlamGlow is a newer(ish??) skincare brand that offers a variety of masks that make magic on your skin!! I do NOT have sensitive skin but I do have problem skin. I've talked about this so much in the past that I'm practically... Continue Reading →

My Hairdresser is Going to Kill me!

Hello friends! i know I usually only talk about beauty products....But hair items are beauty products too, right? I normally get my hair done at the salon, however sometimes in the fall I go to black, which honestly...doesn't really require a hairdresser especially when you've been doing it as long as I have. I recently... Continue Reading →

NYX Blotting Powder

Hello friends!! It's been a while and I have some new things coming down the line, but I wanted to give a special shout out to something I just picked up at Ulta during my lunch break. It's still hot in Ohio, and I take walks during my lunch break. Today it was about 90F... Continue Reading →

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