Urban Decay Heavy Metals Palette

Hello friends!! (HEY WHATS UP YOU GUUUUYS, YES!!) lol. I had the worst time debating on if I should get the Fenty Galaxy shadow palette seen here, or the UD Heavy Metals palette found here. While the Fenty is more expensive ($59USD compared to UD's $55) and has less shadows (14 compared to UD's 20) ... Continue Reading →

Morphe X Jacyln Hill Palette-Ulta Version

Hello friends! I waited this one out...for something like...4 months or so. I wanted this palette, but held out...and thankfully it was the right choice. As it turns out they fixed some of the packaging mistakes from the first release. The new release from Ulta features different packaging. The packaging is still a cardboard material... Continue Reading →

Morphe 35K Eyeshadow Palette

I've been a "beauty guru" since before Youtube, back in the days MakeupAlley was first launched. I've always just really enjoyed makeup, not even wearing it but just looking at it....and having it. If you don't know what that's like....look up the MAC Parrot eyeshadow, or Sticky Wicket....Those items were so freaking highly coveted and... Continue Reading →

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