NYX Blotting Powder

Hello friends!! It’s been a while and I have some new things coming down the line, but I wanted to give a special shout out to something I just picked up at Ulta during my lunch break.

It’s still hot in Ohio, and I take walks during my lunch break. Today it was about 90F and also extremely humid. Anyway after my walk I realized I really needed to do something about my sweaty greasy face and it needed to be something I could just keep in my purse. I currently use Rimmel pressed powder (in the shade 003 Natural or Transparent) however, if you have ever used that (it’s awesome by the way give it a try!) but it isn’t travel friendly, it isn’t purse friendly. The lid just fits over the top of the product but doesn’t snap closed 😦

So today after my hot sweaty walk, I ran over to Ulta and initially picked up a Stay Matte and a brush to keep in my desk…but then that doesn’t work well either because I work between two different sites…Anyway I happened to see the NYX Blotting powder, it retails for $11.99USD but right now Ulta has NYX on sale for 30% off AND I had a coupon for $5 of $15 so basically I got it for next to nothing 🙂 Here’s the product description:

Kissed with the barest hint of pigment, NYX Professional Makeup’s Blotting Powder takes down the shine without settling into fine lines, polishing skin to satin matte perfection

I got this in the color light/medium, as you can see from the pic, it’s definitely not medium it’s almost a porcelain color but that’s ok..it’s basically supposed to be blotting powder with just a touch of color. So I put it on in my car with the included puff (I hate puffs!)and you know..it actually did a pretty good job! It did leave some flaking in my really crazy T zone that is somehow both oily and dry, but any powder I use does that. It did clean my face right up. In hindsight I’d probably have liked this better with no color but thought the color would help with touch-ups throughout the day. The compact is a nice size at .29oz and it fits nicely in my purse. I’m definitely going to be keeping this in my purse for touch-ups on my oily days. It does have a bit of a flowery scent. It only lasted about 3 hours on me before I needed a touch up,but I supposed that’s because my face might as well be an effing oil slick. If I were forced to rate it, I’d give it a B-.


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