Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara First Impressions

Good morning (afternoon or evening) friends! Yesterday I got a pretty purple bubble mailer in my mailbox and I just knew it was from Urban Decay! UD is one of my longtime favorite brands but I’ve sort of shied away from them as of late, save for my UD Heat palette. You probably didn’t know this but mascara is one of my daily musts. If I don’t have it on, I look very undone. I could literally just swipe on some mascara and be good to go…and that’s usually what I do when I’m in a rush!

Anyway, Urban Decay has come out with a a new mascara called Troublemaker, one that they refer to as being “sex” proof….which is kinda weird, so..you know. Anyway I instantly thought I might like this because it isn’t a giant bushy brush. I already have kind of thick long eyelashes so I really just rely on mascara to color my lashes. You can purchase it on their website for $24USD click here for link.

Here’s a description from the website:

UD Troublemaker Mascara’s formula volumizes and lengthens as it separates lashes. It’s infused with a combination of hollow silica and ultra-light fibers to boost volume without the extra weight. Vitamin E and panthenol nourish and condition, and a combination of polymers helps the mascara adhere to your lashes for lasting wear—no flaking, smearing, or smudging.

The custom-designed brush combs and separates lashes to make it look like you have more of them. Tiny precision hooks grab lashes to pull the product through for an instant lash-multiplying effect. The brush actually fans out lashes as it coats them, separating and curling each lash while laying down the perfect amount of mascara. And it’s designed to reach even tiny inner-corner lashes, no matter which way you hold it.

I found this formula to be extremely wet. Perhaps it dries out a bit with extended use but the new tube is very wet. I did find it combed through my lashes well, and even added a tiny bit of length to my already long lashes. I didn’t notice any extra fattening of my lashes mainly because I already use a pretty good mascara that does all of that and more (my daily go to is Monsieur Big from Lancome). My lashes don’t feel super stiff or brittle so that’s a real bonus (even over my HG) and I feel like this would be easy to remove. IDK about it’s claims to be sex proof, but so far it is smudge proof.

This mascara reminds me a lot of Benefit They’re Real in the formula and even a bit with the brush. I did test out a sample size so maybe the brush is a bit different. I’d give this a solid B+ my lashes look nice and my only setback was again the ultra wet formula. Beggars can’t be choosers, I got this as a PR package, so I was a bit sad the sample size didn’t come in the pretty colorful tube. Other than that, Good looking out UD!


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