New Becca Stuffs! Velvet Blurring Primer and Smoky Quartz Highlighter

Well, this is a  long review in the making. I have good news and bad news. I’ll start with the bad because that’s always the way I prefer it. The bad news is Becca’s customer service department is kind of awful. The good news is both items SORT of worked well for me. Neither will be holy grails, but they will both get some use.

I am a member of Influenster where basically they send you free items in return for reviews….They didn’t send me this stuff, but they had an ad on their page for the Smoky Quartz highlighter. If you’re interested in signing up for Influenster, click here . I saw it and fell in love with the looks of it so off to their website my little fingers ran!! Smoky Quartz is a highlighter that Becca describes as: A cool rosy pink infused with shimmering white-gold pearl. Sounds gorgeous right?! Well, it IS…..I’m learning that Becca highlighters are just super pigmented and blinding no matter which color you get. I had hoped for something a bit more subtle than Pearl. It’s a completely different color, but definitely every bit as blinding as pearl. The texture is kind of powdery but still very nice and glides right onto the skin. As with all highlighters it will accentuate fine lines but the color is certainly pretty. The highlighter is only available right now at and it retails for $38USD I’m not quite sure if it is LE or will be available elsewhere.

Now, while I Was browsing the site I found the Velvet Blurring Primer. I’m a sucker for primers, and anything with the words velvet. The site promises the following:

A liquid-to-powder blurring primer that instantly diminishes the appearance of pores, fine lines, and imperfections to leave skin porcelain smooth with an airbrushed finish.

This retails for $38USD and is a really strange consistency. I’ll note there are no color options to choose from but when you get the box it says the color is Apricot…so that was kind of weird. It is an extremely liquidy texture that comes out of a 1oz pump bottle. Once applied to the face it does feel like it turns into a powder. It does help with skin texture, but I’ll say that with my foundation over it, it also accentuated flakiness. I think this is a nice product that made my skin feel good and did help with oil control, but I wouldn’t use it with my foundation again (Armani Power Fabric). I’m going to try it again using it with no liquid foundation, but maybe just a nice setting powder on top. I’m not ready to give up on it yet because it did make my face pretty darn soft!

Having said all of this, I’ll tell you about my Becca website experience and you can decide if you want to deal with it. If you’re not interested just scroll down and look at the pretty pictures 🙂  I’ve never ordered directly from their site before so being a newb, you get a 20% off code, which is the only thing that made the experience acceptable. I ordered the items and got an order confirmation. A week later I checked on my order and it was still processing. I finally decided to contact customer service and received no response. I called, and got voicemail. The next day I emailed again and finally got a response that was…a bit snarky and they told me there was a delay from the manufacturer and that it just arrived to the warehouse and was shipping out that night and I’d get a confirmation. Two days later still nothing and the site said it was still processing. I responded to the CS rep again that nothing had happened. He never responded to me but eventually I got an email the next day saying that the order had shipped. So all told start to finish it took me two and a half weeks to get this stuff.


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