Morphe 35K Eyeshadow Palette

I’ve been a “beauty guru” since before Youtube, back in the days MakeupAlley was first launched. I’ve always just really enjoyed makeup, not even wearing it but just looking at it….and having it. If you don’t know what that’s like….look up the MAC Parrot eyeshadow, or Sticky Wicket….Those items were so freaking highly coveted and I owned both….and never used them but never parted with them until a couple of years ago…

Anyways, long story short a lot of people have been raving about Morphe brushes and eyeshadow palettes. There has also been a lot of rants about it as well. I told myself I’d never buy it because most of the colors in the palettes were unwearable for daily use, and I didn’t want my money to go to some of the Youtubers who put their codes out freaking everywhere. Then I finally saw a palette I liked but couldn’t find a lot of reviews because it is full of “boring” colors….perfect for my dull ass!! So I took the plunge, and yes purchased without a personal code.

I bought the Y6 gold foundation brush because, it’s cheap, pretty and I didn’t have a kabuki style foundation brush (btw, it IS worth the hype, it is just awesome and I have no fall out issues). But the real feature here is the 35k palette (Koffee). At 22.99 USD it’s a freaking steal for 35 eyeshadows (THIRTY FREAKING FIVE!!!)

Here’s the description from Morphe’s website:

Coffee toned shadows in rich java, metallic mocha and creamy latte get an interesting mix with gunmetal shades and rich earth tones in this wearable neutral palette. Beautiful metallic shimmers are balanced with mattes for 35 colors that work together to give a variety of looks.

First let me say I think part of the reason it’s so much cheaper than other palettes is that the actual packaging itself leaves something to be desired. If you’re looking for a flashy palette to display on your vanity, this is NOT it. .It’s just a plain black plastic palette with no mirror..However, I was impressed when I opened it and began swatching colors. So many of these colors are just buttery soft. The metallics look gorgeous in person AND more importantly on the skin. The staying power is freaking phenomenal and they are so incredibly wearable every day. In fact, since I bought this palette, I’ve sort of put my other palettes to the side….for now at least. Every basic color I could want is in here. It’s perfect for a neutral eye or a smoky eye…No bold look at me colors here and that’s just perfect for every day use…However, the way you can mix these on your eyes will make people look at you anyway!

90% of the colors in the palette are extremely blendable and most are not patchy at all. This is definitely NOT what I expected from a $20 palette. I would absolutely buy more of these if they came in palettes that were more wearable like this one. The real standouts in this are the metallics and those alone made this palette worth it. The ONLY complaint I have about this palette is a few of the colors look extremely similar to others in the palette. If you’ve thought about picking up a Morphe palette but lean toward neutrals, definitely give this one a go, you’ll be glad you did, I promise!!

Have you tried Morphe palettes? If so, what is your takeaway, are they #worthit??


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  1. Thanks for the review! I was literally looking at another one today that I’ve been wanting. Looking up reviews & everything. I’m going to go ahead and buy it! ❤


    1. Absolutely!! This was the first Morphe product I tried and I loved it…the shadows are so darn buttery soft!! I use this palette nearly every day. I’ve been eyeballing the Jacqueline Hill palette too!


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