NYX Wonder Stick Review/First Impression

Alright, as some of you may know, I’ve dipped into the world of contour/highlighting. I try not to go crazy with it, because I’m not really using it to “reshape” my face (I really like my face!) but I’m using it to add some color. I use a ton of sunscreen on my face, so it’s usually much lighter than the rest of my body so I’ve found bronzing/contouring really helps me with that!

Of course if you watch youtube, you’ve seen the KKW highlighting cream sticks. I really liked the look people were getting with them, but in several of the videos they put it up against the much cheaper NYX Wonderstick, and every time, the NYX looked better!! So, while I was in Target recently, I picked up a Wonderstick in Light. In hindsight I probably should have gotten the medium, but…I didn’t because I’m a dumbass and think I’m much paler than I am! Anyway, The NYX (pronounced nix) Wonder Stick retails for $11.99 USD most places. Here is a copy of the product description:

Amplify your look with NYX Professional Makeup’s all-purpose Wonder Stick that has a creamy finish that conceals, highlights and contours with ease.


  • What it is: A dual-ended highlighting and contouring stick.
  • What it does: Creates the illusion of a stronger jawline, more chiseled cheeks, and a slimmer nose. Adds depth and definition to facial features.
  • Why you’ll love it: With this easy 2-step wonder product, highlighting and contouring has never been easier. The Wonder Stick is available in different shade combinations to fit every skin tone, including one universal shade.

I’ll say I was afraid of this because my skin is so greasy but I tried it anyway. The sticks are VERY creamy and easy to apply, it felt very silky!! Both shades are just a bit light for me….but they work, and they aren’t orange!! (hooray!!!)


Here’s the problem, on me at least when I blend out the contour, it almost nearly seems to disappear from my skin. Instead of blending I began to feel I was just brushing it off. I did try it again today with a NYX contour brush and it did a bit better. As with most highlights/contours this didn’t last long on me. Wear time is just a few hours despite going in with loose setting powder. I don’t really like the highlighting side, it’s nothing special, I tested it but chose not to use it on a daily basis.. I’ll continue using the contour to see if I can find a way to make it work. Since I haven’t really given this a good test run I don’t feel comfortable rating it other than to say it isn’t the cat’s pajamas, but it’s not awful either.

My advice for now is go ahead and experiment with it! It’s a good price, NYX makes good quality makeup that can be found in lots of places. It’s definitely worth it! If you have very oily skin just be careful with amount during application.


7 thoughts on “NYX Wonder Stick Review/First Impression

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    1. You may still want to give it a try. I have extremely oily skin and I think that’s why it doesn’t last long on me. I’m going to try it tomorrow with a setting spray and see if that helps any.


  1. Lol, I understand! Maybe get it and try it out on a day when you aren’t planning a whole lot. I’ll say this, I like it enough to keep trying it with different products to see if I can make it work. I think it’s less the product but more of my application/layering. I see it on other people and it just looks really great on them especially compared to KKW. Check out Stephanie Nicole’s KKW review over on youtube, she puts it up against this product.


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