BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector® Pressed Highlighter Review

Okay, I admit it! At first, I hated the highlighting craze, I’m already shiny looking anyway, I didn’t need this shit! Well, after some time, I determined I did in fact need this shit. What made me decide that? Well, I got a free Urban Decay Sin highlighter from UD for my birthday and I actually kind of liked it. Of course I use it in the corners of my eyes my cupid’s bow and on my cheeks, but I kind of didn’t like the color…like it wasn’t pretty enough or special enough.  So I went on a search.

Do you have any clue how many freaking highlighters there are?!? After searching I finally found the Becca Shimmering Highlighter. I decided since I already had the UD Sin which is a champagne color, and I also have the shade in the sweet peach cheek palette to go with a white one. I chose the color pearl. I was actually really excited to get it in the mail, I ordered from Sephora for $38USD and here is the product description:

The packaging is a really nice metal and rubberized package, I like that! It’s not a ton of product but plenty that I’ll never use it up. Once you open the compact you are greeted with a bright silver/white shade. It really does look great in the pan, but that’s not what’s important here is it? I swatched it and was like…Dayum Gina!! that stuff is potent! It’s got really great pigment. When applied to my cheeks, as you can see in the photo it has the same high pigment look (excuse my lack of other makeup in the picture). 

I have to tell you, I’ve been using this everyday but I’m not SUPER impressed with it (or any other highlighter for that matter). This one glides on easily but has a crap ton of kickup. Extremely powdery and while the color is gorgeous, it is sort of “chunky” despite being so finely milled. If blinding is what you’re looking for, this color is surely it because holy hell it is freaking BLINDING. The wear time on me though, isn’t long. Maybe a couple of hours then I can no longer see it. I’ll continue to use it but honestly I prefer the UD sin a lot better. This tends to look a bit chunky and glittery on me thus highlighting my pores.

I’ll give it a solid B, though I really wanted to love it so much more. If you’re new to highlighters, maybe try the NYX highlight powder. It’s not nearly as pigmented but will give you an idea of what this would look like without spending the cash.


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