Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette-First Impressions

I came home today to a real treat waiting on my doorstep!! My Naked Heat palette arrived today and you guys, I am stoked!! I have to say I really like the casing on these newer Naked palettes than the old school 1 and 2 (I own 1, but not 2) and the mirror fell out of naked 1 almost immediately. I am adding this to my small naked collection of 1, basics, and Naked Smoky. The case is very well designed and extremely pretty. The packaging was sort of meh, but…it’s packaging.

I haven’t tried out the colors yet other than to swatch them for you, but they are gorgeous! This is coming from someone who almost always wears a neutral or smoky eye. There are a couple of orange/red toned shades here that will really set off a smoky eye. Pro tip, always blend in a bit of an orange color to the crease of your smoky eye to make it really pop! (any color, purple, black, etc).

The shades have great pigment, with the shimmer shades having better pigment and a more buttery texture. The lighter shades didn’t swatch great, but that’s likely because I am not the palest person. These shades were swatched with my finger and no primer/base. The big standouts to me here are Ounce (first on left), Lumbre(fifth from left) and Scorch (8th from left).


I really love this palette and am excited to play around with it and make some interesting but still wearable every day looks. As always the included brush is really great. UD is awesome at always including some really nice brushes that last a long time in their palettes! I’m really more a fan of cooler shades so I’m hoping they put the Naked collection to bed with a Naked Ice palette.

What do you think? Are you excited to try this palette? I thought I was going to skip on it but then I realized some of the neutrals in here will be absolutely amazing to my collection. I can see why this will be a pass for a lot of people but it’s certainly worth reconsidering if you’ve decided against it.



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    1. I totally understand! Not a ton of dupes out there, at least in one palette….but, this particular palette isn’t as “hyped” and well liked as some of the other palettes because it is a warm toned palette. My guess is it’ll be on sale in a few months.

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    2. IDK if it helps but I’ve actually found a Morphe palette that could be a good dupe for this if you’re interested. They aren’t exact, but they are pretty close. The Morphe 350 palette has a lot of similar colors, plus a ton more and it costs a whole lot less. I cannot speak to their quality or anything like that, but the palette has 35 shades and is only $22 bucks, plus you can use a code and get it for under $20 bucks. Just a thought, if you do get it, let me know your thoughts on it! I’ve yet to hear of a Morphe palette review from someone who isn’t getting paid to endorse them, or wants to be endorsed by them.


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