A little bit of love for GlamGlow (this is not sponsored) I just love their line!

I’ll preface this post by letting you all know that I am in no way affiliated with GlamGllow, they do not (sadly) send me PR or anything like that. However, I absolutely love some of the products in their line. There have been some misses for me, and those items are excluded from the photo. If you’re interested in knowing which items didn’t work, leave a comment below, and I’ll be sure to review them for you! I’ll make this quick, and will not be full reviews, but maybe mini reviews and if you want more info just let me know.

I first tried this brand near the end of last year. I had read a lot about the gravity mud and the thirsty mud. The gravity mud sounded like something that would be great for someone of my age, so I tried it. It smells so so freaking good and comes with the application brush (it’s in the purple jar) it’s a melted marshmallow consistency and kind of smells like that with pina colada and maybe a bit of a chemical smell. It applies nicely, tightens up then you peel it off! I feel some skin firming afterward but mostly it just makes my skin look nice!

My favorite item is the Youthmud mask, it’s got bits of tea leaves in it and exfoliators. It’s a little pricey for the size of jar you get, but I like it so much I keep a backup on hand. I just apply it allover with my fingers and leave on until dry, then I add some water and scrub in circular motions then rinse off. I’m telling you, this stuff is the best, my skin always feels silky smoothe afterward, it smells nice and just gives a great finish because it helps buff away dead skin. A+! There is a dupe you can get from Ulta too, but I haven’t tried that and likely won’t. I like to stay loyal to what works for me.

Up top there is Volcasmic, and I’ve already written a review on that, see it here:

GlamGlow Volcasmic Matte Glow Moisturizer Review

I also have pictured here the Poutmud, it’s a nice lip exfoliator. Not the most amazing I’ve used but certainly worth mentioning. It’s supposed to fizz up when you add water to it but mine doesn’t do that. It also came with a nice lip balm that I like to use before walking out the door, unfortunately it’s too big to throw in my purse.

Supermud!! I didn’t like this at first, but it grew on me. I’m not a fan of the smell and I found it really messy to rinse off. Basically now I’ve learned to put it on before I shower then rinse it off in the shower. I really think this stuff works, it’s got that pore-matrix technology which is kind of cool. basically once it dries, you can see all of your pores are a bit darker, supposedly it brings all of the impurities up and sucks them into the mask. Rinse off, and skin is left really clean! It does have little chunks in it too, don’t like those too much, but it seems to work well because I don’t get blackheads anymore..not noticeable ones anyway.

Last up, is the Thirstymud. I can’t say a lot about this because I don’t use it often because I don’t generally need hydration. On days I’m feeling dry though I apply it to the dry areas at night and sleep with it on. I wake up feeling hydrated skin. It’s nice, doesn’t smell amazing, but..it’s nice.

Overall, there are some really great products out from this company and if you’re looking to try the line or haven’t heard of it yet, I definitely would. These products have changed my skin’s life and I truly believe in many of them. They are pricey, but in my opinion totally worth it.

I hope this brief review and summary was helpful to you. Please be sure to click the follow button on my homepage if you enjoyed this and want to keep seeing new content.



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